Today was another hectic day!
It all started with a huge truffle and 12 guests having breakfast and it ended with 4 jars of pickled zucchini, 4 jars of pickled eggplant, 8 small jars of plum jelly (still working on the beautiful yellow plums) and a huge thunderstorm. Luckily I could have a little rest in the garden in my marvellous hammock!

One of my neighbours came this morning to give us a big big scorzone (summer truffle) that he found. The egg near the truffle is not very big, but it’s an egg… the truffle is really beautiful!

scorzone-uovoThe house is full and the time to relax is really little, I decided to lay on my hammock as the weather was just perfect: warm and with a chilly breeze…. perfect for a little nap! zzzzzzzz

When I woke up the breeze was stronger and a huge thunderstorm was approaching. We closed everything up, took away the big umbrella from the terrace, the chairs from around the pool…. we thought that everything was going to fly away… the thunderstorm went round and round us and at the end it rained very little and the wind didn’t get very very strong… but the views were breathtaking!