Apparently “Eco breaks” can be “sexy”

We were included in the article “Ten sexy eco breaks.
Private eco-islands, eco-country houses, eco-spas, eco-golf; Susan d’Arcy shows how ‘eco’ can be gorgeous too” this is the review:

Set on an impeccably organic 185-acre farm, where you can peek through the truffle woods to Renaissance Urbino, this hotel is smart but unintimidating – and the estate’s pets will adopt you for the duration of your stay as enthusiastically as will their owners, the Savini family. Signora might greet you with flour-covered hands from making that day’s bread and pasta. In the evening, after some authentic home cooking using the farm’s own produce, daughter Giulia will tempt you with dozens of homemade liqueurs. Oh, go on: they’re organic, so they won’t give you a hangover. Well, it’s a good theory …


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