I’m so excited that I needed to share this!
We just signed a contract to install a total of 13 KW of Photovoltaic panels serving both the Locanda and the farm. They will be placed on the roofs of the cowshed and one of the stables so not to invade the beautiful countryside and not to take away precious soil from our ourganic farm. We believe that there’s plenty of roofs and non farmed areas to produce enough electricity for everybody.

Our photovoltaic plant will cover 90% of the energy needs of the Locanda and the horse stables  and 100% of the needs of the cow-sheds, mills to produce our feed, barn, etc.

After more than 25 years working for sustainability, producing organically, supporting local (organic) produce, producing our own heat and hot water with renewable energies (sun and wood), recycling, reusing, saving energy, this is a great moment for our green accommmodation! We’ll be able to produce most of the energy that we use at the Locanda and the farm (everything except gas for cooking, since we do not want to switch to electric cookers!).
Locanda della Valle Nuova can now be defined a “green accommodation”!

green accommodation Locanda della Valle Nuova