The Casina Nuova apartment will surely be the best Le Marche vacation rental!
It features a gorgeous cool porch to enjoy your meals outside, the position is amazing, very quiet and immersed in the beautiful Le Marche countryside.
The main colour in the apartment will be green, as you can see we’re making the courtains and most bed linen ourselves.
The Casina Nuova used to be my apartment so I know that it will be a great spot to spend your holidays in Le Marche!
It has two bedrooms, one double and one twin, with a small sitting area and each with its own private bathroom at the two ends of the apartment so it’s really perfect to share with family members or friends: there’s privacy and plenty of space to spend time together or alone.
You know that I love cooking so my… ehm… YOUR kitchen at Casina Nuova is big and complete with everything you need to cook and enjoy your meals.
The sitting room is comfortable and the porch is the best spot in the farm to be when it’s really hot outside: it’s always cool and it’s surrounded by trees that always bring a breeze… I spent many great moments here and I’m sure that you will too!
Come soon and enjoy the best Marche vacation rental!
UPDATE: if you want to see the finished Casina Nuova you can find it HERE!
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