I just realized that I posted photos of many nearby villages, towns and hilltop-towns but that I never posted photos of Urbino… so, here they are!
This is a picture of Urbino taken from the Albornoz Fortress where you can see the Cathedral (on the left), the Ducal Palace and, at the right, below, the Rampa, built by Francesco di Giorgio Martini to allow the Duke to climb riding his horse (protected from the rain and the sun) up to the Palace from Borgo Mercatale below. Nowadays you can climb the very comfortable steps (they were made for horses to climb).

duomo-palazzo-rampaThis is the Duomo (Cathedral) from via Barocci.

duomo-urbinoOne of the statues on the Urbino Duomo façade.

statua-duomo-urbinoAnother of the statues on the Duomo from via Valerio, the tree is an enormous plane tree that stands in the nursery school garden.

statua-duomo-platanoI’ll post more photos of Urbino soon!