1-degusteria-alimentiAre you in Northern Le Marche and you’re looking for gorgeous Marche food?
You have different options: one is staying at the Locanda and enjoying our home grown and home made goodies and the yummy things we buy from local organic producers such as an amazing orange-peel flavoured pancetta, pecorino di fossa and the best sheep ricotta cheese you’ve ever tasted, one is running up and down the province and Le Marche region to buy those products directly from the producers (Doriano Scibè in Grottazzolina (AP) for the pancetta and Luca Pala in Tavoleto (PU) for the cheeses).

le marche food at raffaello degusteria

typical le marche food at raffaello degusteria… if you find this a bit too strenuous during your holiday, than go to Raffaello degusteria in Urbino and you will find first quality gorgeous local organic products!
They share the aims and philosophy of the Slow food movement, support local and organic producers and they sell great wines, oil, pastas, preserves, ham, salamis, great variety of cheeses and much more: they definitely know le Marche food!
Hope you’ll enjoy.