I’m starting a series of blog posts to show you some of the many things to see in Urbino, Le Marche.

Characters Saint John's Oratory Urbino

When I read articles and guidebooks entries about Urbino the adjective “Medieval” is often used and the Ducal Palace is often referred to as a “Castle”.

Nothing can be less accurate! Urbino is one of the most important birthplaces of the Italian Renaissance. There are only very few Medieval buildings that still maintain their characteristics. The Palace was built at the end of the XV century and is one of the first examples of a mansion built to be enjoyed and not as a fortress.

Nevertheless Urbino hosts an amazing example of Late Medieval art: the Saint John’s Oratory by the brothers Jacopo and Lorenzo Salimbeni from San Severino Marche.
The frescos represent the life of Saint John the Baptist and a crucifixion. The frescos are amazing. There’s plenty of characters that attend all the scenes and the frescos can also be regarded to as an amazing display of textiles, prints, models, capes, headgears and faces… oh, those faces! I’ve always been convinced that they were taken from real people living nearby… it’s impossible to make up some of those expressions!

I find that these frescos are an incredible mix of Medieval and very Modern style, and it’s always a pleasure going back. It’s definitely one of the things that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Urbino!

Enjoy the photos and come visit!

There are many more things to visit in Urbino and I will write a bit about them in the future. There are also many great things to do in the area to keep you busy for weeks (or years… I always discover something new and I lived here for over 25 years!). Have a look at this post for more things to see in Urbino and in Northern Le Marche.

Urbino is just 20 minutes drive from Locanda della Valle Nuova