This week we haven’t had many guests, the season is being slower than usual (even if not nearly as bad as I expected and much better than I hear from other people), but somehow we manage to be as busy as we are on a busier season… mistery!

During the last week we had two very interesting visits that kept us busy in an unusual way.

More than one year ago I discovered a very interesting new website that features green accommodation all around the world: It’s a green green world. It was more or less just starting but now it features almost 700 different places and they all look gorgeous, just give me time and will start visiting one by one!
Founder Richard Johnson and his wife Linne arrived on Monday since they’re traveling around Italy and they are working on some new projects. They filmed and took pictures of the house and the farm and they will produce a short video about this place! All aspects of our daily life were touched, from hay collecting to preserving. It was great fun and a great honour to be around with them!
Thank you Richard and Lynne!

On Tuesday and again today I had another nice visit.
Urbino hosts a journalism course and internship program by San Francisco State University and photographer Scott Burry chose Agriturismo and organic farming as the focus of his work during the course (have a look at his blog for some great shots of Urbino).
He came with his fellow journalist friends and again took photos, filmed the farm and the house and interviewed me. It was a nice experience (even if I’m not very sure that I want to see myself on video) to share this place and the meaning of our work with them. Again it was an honour to help them with their work and it was a fun experience (I hope they also enjoyed it!).

Probably the farm, the guys working here, my storeroom and myself have been photographed more during the last 5 days than during the past 28 years! Say: “cheese”!