A friend told me some days ago that the annoying thing about the countryside is that nature doesn’t wait for you to have some spare time to make, let’s say, lemon marmalade, to make thousands of lemons grow on the tree in your garden.
We’re experimenting it these days with our plum trees… we have tonnes of tiny yummy yellow plums on our trees that are waiting to be transformed into yummy yellow jams, juices, jellies and chutneys. But we also have 14 guests at the moment at the Locanda and they all want their breakfasts, dinners and so on…
So there’s no more time for taking pictures of the puppies (that are growing amazingly fast) and of the kittens. No time to write on Slow Travel,’s forums (ST is an amazing on-line resource for those who want to take it easy and to really get to know the places where they go – UPDATE Slow Travel is no longer online but it lives on as Slow Europe!)
Yesterday, though, I couldn’t help taking a picture of this great sunset!

tramonto-piante-primo-pianoAnd to demonstrate that I’m really working on the yellow plums, this is our third batch today.