It’s been a long time since I do not post… Holidays started and we kept working and working (the house needed repair and the farm keeps us quite busy all over the year), now I’m really on holidays, spending a few days with friends in Madrid!
I’ll be back soon and will start posting photos that I had no time to post during the season, including some great shots that guests sent us.
Year after year we notice that we love our job and that most of the guests who come and share our house with us are great people with whom we love to spend time with. We’ve been thinking about this and we understood that the main reason is that word to mouth (either “live” or through the web) became our first source of new guests.
This is why we really would like you to write a review about your stay at the Locanda on the internet and of course talk about it (the old way) with your friends. This way people coming to the Locanda next year will be just like you: a group of lovely, interesting and caring people.

You can read what past guests wrote about their stay with us on Tripadvisor and visiting this page from Slow Travel (great resource for travel information and hugely helpful and friendly travel forum – UPDATE: Slow Travel is no longer online but you can find reviews about Valle Nuova on the new Slow Europe forums!).
UPDATE: you can also read reviews on our Facebook Page and Google.

By the way… MERRY CHRISTMAS to those of you who celebrate it!!!