The season is over… thank you to Alwena and Merfyn for being the perfect guests to end a beautiful beautiful season! Thank you to Lori, the lady helping us in the Locanda who has been a great help, a joy and a new found friend. Thank you to Bruna for being there when we need her (she’s an old friend by now). Thank you to Giovanni who is a great neighbour, a wonderful person and is nice enough to take our guests truffle hunting. Thank you to all the wonderful guests we’ve had this year. Thank you to the not-so-wonderful guests that allow us to appreciate it even more when we have wonderful guests ;). Thank you to our returning guests: it’s such a pleasure to see you year after year and to feel we’re a bit part of your life. Thank you to our non-returning-guests-because-they-can’t that keep in touch and tell us about their newly born children, job plans, just bought new houses, etc.
The sun shines, the cats purr in the grass, the dogs play in the fields… and I’M ON HOLIDAYS!!!!