Food and wine

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Food and wine

Due to its variegated territory ad climate Le Marche offers an array of farm and sea products; organic agriculture is widely practiced throughout the region and traditional ingredients and foods are being re-discovered and used in a varied gastronomy that is deeply rooted in traditions , but also interestingly innovative.
Here you will find some of the festivals celebrating food.
This is a map with our favourite restaurants and food shops near Valle Nuova.


The wines of Le Marche are increasingly popular and their quality has reached outstanding levels. Currently there are 15 DOC and 6 DOCG wines in the region, some from grapes that are only grown in very small areas. Some good wineries in the area offer wine tastings and we can suggest wonderful wine tours.


Eating foraged foods is very popular in Le Marche countryside and it’s not strange seeing whole families in the fields with bags and baskets collecting seasonal wild herbs, berries, mashrooms and edible flowers. We follow tradition and use wild ingredients for great dishes and preserves. Of course the king of wild foods is the truffle, which grows all year round in the area around Acqualagna. In our woods we have all the different varieties including the precious white truffle.


Local farmers produce great ingredients and the whole area is full of excellent shops and restaurants that sell and serve this produce. We will be glad to suggest our favourites to you: buy fresh ingredients to cook in your own kitchen or as presents for friends and family back home, enjoy the local restaurants, where you will always be treated as a friend.


Using our organic produce (cereals, meats, eggs and poultry, heirloom fruit and vegetables, wild herbs and berries that we forage in the farm) and products from nearby organic farms we prepare jams and juices, sweet and savoury preserves, bread, cakes and desserts, liqueurs, salamis and gorgeous dinners. In Autumn we also have white truffles from our woods. (Dinners are available twice a week, please enquire).


We can help you organize amazing food and wine tours with an expert English-speaking guide. ?In October you can experience truffle hunting with our neighbour and his dog, this is a excellent (and tasty) way to explore the countryside.
The most valuable ingredient that grows in the area is not truffle, though: ever been curious to visit a saffron farm?


We offer cooking classes. Learn how to cook fresh seasonal ingredients like a real Italian: we usually prepare two or three different dishes and a dessert, easy but mouth-watering recipes that will be easy to replicate at home. We can also propose made to measure classes for you and your family. Please enquire when booking.