Le Marche festivals and fairs

During the Summer every town and village in Le Marche is animated with festivals and fairs. Food, music, ancient and more recent traditions, religious events: any human activity is worth a celebration that usually includes food, handicrafts and a lot of fun.

It’s impossible to detail this huge variety of events here. So we will just list some of the most important to give you an idea of the array of Le Marche festivals that you will be able to enjoy when you visit us.  You will find more information on current events at Valle Nuova, in our Facebook page and in our blog.

Reenactments and palios

Palios and reenactments are very popular everywhere in Italy. Near Valle Nuova, during the Summer, you will be able to participate in interesting events where the organizers take great pride in having everything as authentic as possible, with artisans, reproductions of period outfits and traditions. Some of the most interesting events are the Festa del Duca in Urbino (August), Palio dell’Oca in Cagli (August) and Gradara Assedio al Castello (July).

Food festivals

Pretty much every food and drink has its own festival including frogs and snails! DOP olive oil in Cartoceto in October and November, brodetto (fish stew) in Fano in September, organic food in Urbino in October, artisan beer in Apecchio, truffles in Acqualagna, Pergola and Sant’Angelo in Vado (mostly in October but also during Summer), cheeses, salamis, chestnuts, wine, polenta and much more.

Marchigiani take great pride in their culinary traditions and will enthusiastically draw you into their celebrations.

Other festivals

There are plenty of events in the area during the Summer and early Autumn ranging from a kite festival in Urbino to religious festivities like the Corpus Domini in all the villages and towns, ceramics events in Urbania, healthy living happenings, farming fairs (of course also music festivals).