Artisans and markets

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Artisans and markets

Even if handmade products are no longer as widely used as in the past, artisans never stopped working in Le Marche and the young generations have the possibility to learn from those who still master the art of creating wonders with their own hands. Tradition and modernity coexist in useful and beautiful objects that perfectly unite past and present.

The following are just a few examples of the most typical local productions.

Italy ceramics Urbania maiolica


Near Valle Nuova you can find towns that have an important tradition in majolica making: Urbino, Urbania, Gubbio and Pesaro. Here you can admire ancient majolica or buy works reproducing old shapes and motifs or pieces of modern design produced with traditional and modern techniques.

Italy ceramics Marche pottery Montottone


Production of pottery for home use has been common practice in Fratte Rosa for centuries, creating wheel-made pieces with a characteristic aubergine-violet enamel. Nowadays three workshops still produce the traditional shapes along with new creations and new colours.


In Fermignano stands the building that used to be the paper mill of the Ducato di Urbino; the tradition of paper-making remains in Fabriano where you may visit the Museo della Carta e della Filigrana and buy the world-renowned paper.


The carving of sandstone from local quarries has been performed in Sant’Ippolito since the 14th century. The stone-dressers from Sant’Ippolito worked in Italy and abroad, decorating, namely, the Popes’ Palace in Avignon. The art of the stone-dressers from Sant’Ippolito is still alive today.


Activities such as wool dyeing with natural pigments, spinning, and weaving, that used to be carried out in every household and then almost disappeared, are now being revitalized by the new generations and contemporary artisans are doing a wonderful job.


In the old days baskets were used in all everyday activities, now the purpose is essentially decorative, but artisans still use the old techniques and the knowledge of all the natural materials.

Holiday rental marche Markets


During the whole Summer and Autumn you’ll be able to enjoy fascinating markets that are held during most local feasts and fairs where the local artisans sell their produce and show their techniques to those who are interested. In most towns there is a weekly market throughout the year, selling food, clothing, household products and much more.

Holiday rental Marche flea market


There are monthly antique markets in the area:
1st Sunday of each month in Urbino
2nd Sunday in Fano
3rd Sunday (except August) in Pesaro
4th Sunday in San Giovanni in Marignano


Many world wide brands were born in Le Marche, such as Tod’s, Guzzini, Byblos, Piero Guidi. Even if the biggest concentration of outlet stores in Le Marche is located in the South of the region, a short drive from Valle Nuova you will find some great outlet stores and beautiful shops (mostly in Fano and Pesaro).