Every time that something happens here at the Locanda I take a picture: new puppies, a great sunset, marvellous roses in the garden…
Many times when I take a picture I think: this should go to the website, people should see it!
As I can’t modify the website every time something nice happens here I’m starting this blog.
Here’s a little summary of the latest events!

Chicca.0Our dog Chicca arrived 2 months ago, we didn’t know it but she wasn’t alone! On July 16th two giant puppies were born, they don’t have a name yet, at the moment they’re just “il bianco” and “il nero”… They will have a name as soon as they have a personality!

Canetti.0We also have some kittens at the Locanda this year, they are really cute and most of all they are so friendly and sweet! At the moment they don’t have a name either.