The mommy cat has moved the kittens this morning, but, she can’t count up to 4… so she left one behind…
She has come back to the house this afternoon to eat and she has given milk to the lost kitten and has licked it a bit, but then she left leaving the kitten where it was. We’re feeding it every 3 hours or less and we hope to find the rest of the litter and to put it back with its brothers and sisters soon.
A sweet and sour note: we found a home for the white puppy, a guy called Rashid took him yesterday and I was soooo glad when I saw them going and Rashid was talking to the puppy and cuddling him and it was really clear that he’s really a sweet guy!
Look at these two very grown up kitties still taking milk from their mom

mice-latteThis September the weather is being just gorgeous, look at this beautiful view of Urbino in the distance from the farm!