Almost one month ago we sadly discovered that one of the farm cats had an accident and she had left 4 kittens all alone in the cow-shed.
When I tried to catch them I got lots of hissing and a bleeding scratch on my cheek, but they soon understood that I was not so bad when I fed them a wonderful mix of warm milk, cream and egg yolk (about 200 g of warm milk, 2 tbsp cream, 1 egg yolk with no white whatsoever, it’s very bad for kittens!).
This is how they looked all well fed and relaxed on their second day at home:

2011 kittens

The kittens grew, they begun eating more and more milk, I started mixing some beef baby food to their milk, they destroyed 2 bottle nipples biting them with their sharp growing teeth, they started to eat soft food and to lick milk (so funny when they first tried!) and now they’re lively, greedy eaters, playful and ready to find a new family and a new home.

2011 kittens grow