I tend to share photos of the farm during the beautiful Spring and Summer months to show people how amazing it can be spending your holidays in Le Marche, but this photo HAD to be shared, a few days ago this was what I saw out of my window. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Winter in Le Marche 1500

The landscape is as gorgeous during the late Spring, Summer and Autumn so I really suggest that you come visit during the warmer season since the Winter is sometimes this beautiful, but often rainy or snowy and very cold (yes, there are parts of Italy that get “proper winter weather”). Of course, I suggest that you skip Le Marche during the cold winter unless you’re interested in skying or winter sports! In this case, even if you can sky or walk with ciaspole also in other parts of the region, the best choice is the Sibillini Mountains in the South of the Region where you can enjoy the best Winter holidays in Le Marche!
So, whatever the period that you choose for your holidays in Le Marche visit our Itineraries page for amazing and off the beaten track things to do in this beautiful region or our page with ideas of things to do during your holidays at Valle Nuova: music, art, food and wine tours, cooking classes and many more.
We hope to see you at Valle Nuova!