Now spring is really here and I spent the day yesterday at the Furlo Gorge with some friends.

The Furlo Gorge stands on the ancient Roman Via Flaminia road in Northern Le Marche region. The river Candigliano formed this impressive geological formation and you can usually enjoy the deep colour of its waters. The Roman emperor Vespasiano had a tunnel built near a smaller tunnel that previously existed, that dates back from the Etruscan times. The Via Flaminia goes through the mountain through this tiny tunnel (hence the name, from the Latin “forulum” (small hole)… well, it seems tiny now, but imagine the time and effort that it must have taken to dig the rocky mountain in those times!

Furlo Gorge



After a short walk along the Gorge (they are doing a lane for pedestrians only along the road through the Gorge) we sat on a tiny rocky “beach” near San Vincenzo al Furlo church (a tiny gorgeous Romanic church) with some Crescia (flat bread filled with cheese, veggies, ham or almost anything you want)… enjoying this beautiful spot.