You may be wondering what mail has to do with living in a greener way…
Well, look what I found a couple of days ago in my mail:

(Bottom right: my “legitimate” mail)
Have you ever calculated how much unwanted paper and plastic you receive every day in your mail? This not only means that you have to waste your time checking and throwing things away, but of course the biggest problem is that unwanted mail means more paper, more plastic, more travel, more ink, etc. and if you don’t take the time to separately throw away it also means a great increase in undifferenciated rubbish.

And now you’ll ask: and what can I do?
Well, first of all do take the time to separate the rubbish you receive in your mailbox (even those envelopes with plastic “window”… just tear the plastic bit up and throw separately).
And why not write (an e-mail!) to the publishing company that sends you your favourite magazine every month – all wrapped in plastic and with tonns of extra papers inside advertising things you’re not interested in – and tell them that you’d rather have it wrapped in bio plastics or recycled paper.
You can also send the unwanted mail back. It takes some time but it works in the end… you should have seen my pile of mail a couple of years ago!