We are trying to survive the attack of all the paperwork needed to install photovoltaic panels and start putting energy back into the grid. It’s been a long and busy spring, well, actually it’s been a long and busy winter, spring and summer is not proving anything easier…
Yes, we installed more photovoltaic panels and the last one has been connected last week so now we officially have a 166Kw plant (divided in 5 plants, two for internal use and three for selling) that should be enough to provide energy to around 60 households.

Most important, all our plants are located on the roofs of existing buildings: stables, cow-sheds, barns. We think that producing green energy is very important but we do not want to stop farming to devote the land to energy production (we do not plant energy crops either) and we do not want our beautiful hills to be spotted with huge mirror-looking photovoltaic plants instead of the shades of green of alfalfa and the oak woods, the golden wheat or the geometrical patterns of the vines.

Tutta l'azienda

So, please celebrate with us that Valle Nuova is now making another tiny effort for conservation and a cleaner world!