We installed our photovoltaic panels this past summer and we’re now producing enough green electricity to power our inn and cow sheds, now we’re taking a further step: we just signed a contract to install almost 50 Kw of photovoltaic panels (meaning 60.000 Kwh of electricity produced per year) on the roof of our cow shed.

This means that our roof will produce the green electricity needed to power over 15 average households and we will feed it into the local network. This is our way to offset the carbon that we still produce with our tractors, our car, the gas we use for cooking, the cars that our guests use to reach us. Calculating the carbon produced is not easy but we consider that the whole farm and inn complex will be carbon-neutral.

Do not think that we are satisfied… we still have a long way to go and our next plans are about further reducing water consumption. I’ll keep you informed!