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Over the centuries agriculture has been ruled by the rhythms of nature. Over the last century, however, farming has gone through uncontrolled growth and development in order to meet an insatiable and diversified demand. This process has culminated in the excessive and indiscriminate use of fertilizers, pesticides and weed-killers. These practices have led to such high levels of contamination in underground water tables, rivers and seas, that now there are pesticides residuals in every stage of the food chain.

So, how can we practice agriculture in a “clean way” under such circumstances?

Only by reclaiming our traditions, enriched by the help that technology and scientific research carried out in this century can provide.

To be able to achieve this syntesis we use manure obtained by breeding our cows (pure-bred Marchigiana) following Italian tradition. The use of composted manure contributes to enriching the terrein with humus, ensures land fertility for the future and allows us not to use weedkillers and chemicals because we re-established the ecological balance of the earth. These methods assure healthy nourishment for us and for our cattle which we raise with 100% natural feed.

We also grow heirloom vegetables and old varieties of fruit that require no pesticides and chemicals and taste as good as it gets.

For the past 30 years this has been our contribution to the quality of food and hence to the quality of life.

Our farm has been organic certified by IMC (Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione) since 1983.