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We renewed our 1920s house with traditional materials (bricks and wood), thermally insulated the outside walls and roof and installed double-glazed windows, installed solar collectors for hot water and heating and a high-output stove for the cloudier months (the wood we use for the stove comes from our 20-hectare woods and is gathered when we clean the woods or prune).

During spring 2009 we installed photovoltaic panels that cover both the Locanda and the farm’s needs and in 2011 we added tree more photovoltaic plants on the roofs of our cowshed and barn (we do not want to waste precious farming land nor to spoil the landscape with ugly panels).

Every year our solar panels produce 184000 Kwh of electricity, enough for 18 U.S. or 48 Italian households (average data).
This means that every year we have 100000 kg of CO2 less in the athmosphere thanks to our plant.
It’s difficult to calculate how much CO2 our farm and the Locanda produce (data available online usually refers to industrial farming, not smallholding, let alone organic farming), but I think I can say that we’re carbon neutral.

The house is fitted with low consumption light bulbs, we use energy-saving appliances and water-saving taps and toilet flushes. All the house-linens are made of 100% natural fibres to minimize possible allergies while providing a high level of comfort. In the bathrooms there are soap dispensers, we don’t use disposable items such as prepackaged soap, plastic cutlery or glasses.
We organically produce on our farm more than 70% of the food we serve in the restaurant and we buy all we can from nearby farms, most of them organic too (therefore also reducing plastic packaging, cans, etc.). In this way we support local farmers and guests can try some of the typical products of the region.

We recycle 90% of our waste and there are recycling bins for guests to use.
We use recycled items whenever possible and we make a minimum use of paper.
We ask our guests to help us to use water and energy consciously.

Since the “environment” is not only “nature” we work hard to behave ethically in every aspect of our business and in our relationship with people working with us.

Valle Nuova has been featured in Hotel Energy Solutions’ “Best Practices Guide: Successful Renewable Energy Technologies Integration Case Studies in SME Hotels” (Official partners UNWTO and UNEP)