It’s not the right season to prepare this – as every other witchy plant Saint John’s wort is collected on Saint John’s day (June 24th) – but today I was rearranging my medicines drawer and I found last year’s Saint John’s wort oil so I thought that it was better posting the recipe today so that you will be more than prepared in June! :)


Saint John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is used as an antidepressive and against anxiety but it also has strong antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties so the oil makes wonders on burns.
Making Saint John’s wort oil is very easy, you just have to collect the flowers around the end of June, when the flowers are barely open. Put them in a glass jar and top up with oil, leaving in a sunny or at least bright place.

You could use any oil, but I like to make mine with organic extra virgin olive oil for a couple of reasons: olive oil gives elasticity to your skin and it has cicatrizant properties (both things are very good for healing burns) and I prefer to use organic and extra virgin because other oils contain residues of the chemicals used in farming and pressing, so I prefer not to have those on my healing skin!

Saint-John-s-wort-jar-foragingAfter a few days the oil starts changing colour and in a few weeks it will turn deep golden. That’s the time to filter the oil and put it in a dark jar or bottle, ready for use!

Saint-John-s-wort-oil-foragingIf you happen to burn or scald a hand when cooking or if you have a bad sunburn this is what you should do: cool the part down applying cold water or starchy cold water. Once it’s cool and it doesn’t hurt too much start applying the oil every few hours.

If you don’t use your oil within a year or so you can use it on old scars, stretch marks or whenever your skin needs soothing.