A typical early summer antipasto at Valle Nuova, this one is perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.
Frittata con le vitalbe (foraged Clematis Vitalba. Old man’s beard or Traveller’s joy), local organic pecorino cheese, home made sweet and sour pickled cucumbers and quince jam, home made cured black olives.
WARNING FOR FORAGERS: If you have never collected Traveller’s joy, please make sure that you only collect the very young tops… or do not collect it, just in case… some parts of this plant are slightly poisonous.
WARNING FOR ITALIAN LOVERS: it’s “ANTIPASTO” not antipasti (unless it’s more than one) or antipasta (it does not have anything to do with pasta, but with “pasto”, meal, it means that it’s the course that goes before or at the beginning (anti-) of the meal (-pasto).