le marche foodie map

See Northern Le Marche foodie map in Locanda della Valle Nuova – FOOD! Google map (not as pretty as this antique map of the Urbino area but a lot more practical!)
I’m working on maps for guests to see the best of Northern Le Marche and bits of Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria that are within reasonable driving time from us (“reasonable” being 1.30 hours that is what I consider a distance I can drive when I’m on holidays).
At the moment this project is still in its early stage, but few days ago I completed a Northern Le Marche Foodie Map for guests and whoever is in Le Marche and loves food.
It contains my personal suggestions to eat out and buy great food in the area (+1 gelateria), I’m sure that I’m missing some great places, but these are my favourites in the area so far. Please send me your opinions and suggestions to try new places.
I hope you enjoy!