The last week has been really really busy!
The house was full and the veggies and fruits are growing like crazy so we have to preserve, freeze, dry, prepare a lot.
My friend Judy from Divina Cucina, cooking school  gave me the recipe of Bread and butter pickles that I’ve tried today (I’ll post the outcomes as soon as I have some! My friend Paulina from Bulgaria (who lives in Denmark but whom I met in Madrid (!)) gave me her father’s recipe for sweet and sour pickled cucumbers (I’m trying those too!).
Moreover I experimented a bit with a new recipe for sort of “erbazzoni”. Erbazzone is a traditional savoury cake from Emilia (“half” of Emilia Romagna region) and I mixed a few different recipes and the ingredients I had from the farm and made these monodose erbazzone-like appetizers.
The filling is chicory sauteed with a bit of guanciale (pancetta-like but coming from the “cheek” of the pork) and the pastry is made with:
non-bleached organic white flour 250 gr
lard 70 gr
salt half tsp
enough water to make a non sticky workable dough
Here are some photos of the process

erbazzone-inizioWith about 40 gr dough make a very thin layer and put the filling on one half.

erbazzone-apertoClose and press with a fork to seal

erbazzoni-crudiAfter about 15 min at 180º