COVID 19 Guidelines


For everybody’s safety we ask you to not enter Valle Nuova if you have been recently tested positive for covid or if you have covid related symptoms. Your temperature may be tested at check-in and if you have a temperature over 37.5 you will be denied access.

If, during your stay, you develop covid-related symptoms, please inform us as soon as possible.

Before your arrival

Every surface in your apartment including the bathrooms, floors, sofas, beds, kitchen appliances and tools, handles, switches, etc. has been properly cleaned and hygienized according to the guidelines by Regione Marche, the Italian Government and the WHO (either through high temperature and/or appropriate detergents and hygienizers).

All the laundry is done at a temperature over 60C as per the guidelines by Regione Marche, the Italian Government and the WHO.

Check-in and check-out

Please use face masks at check-in, check-out and payment (we will do the same).

Please use face masks and use the hand sanitizer any time inside any common space (reception and bathroom inside the main building).

We are always available through WhatsApp +39 3298975940 for any need we can help with (this way we can limit the need of direct contact).


Sorry we decided not to serve dinners at the Locanda this year.

When outside at Valle Nuova please make sure to keep a 1 metre minimum distance from other guests that don’t belong to your family or group.

Please wash your hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds frequently and any time you come back from shopping, restaurants etc.

We provide hand sanitizer in every apartment and in the main house.

Please throw away the face masks you want to dispose of in the bathroom bins.

Getting around and eating out

Please read the covid related signs before entering restaurants, museums, bars etc.

You may be asked to queue before entering shops or bars since only a given number of people are allowed in at the same time (please note that sometimes Italians have an interesting idea of how a queue looks like and the distance required may make things even worse… if in doubt ask “chi è l’ultimo?” or check who is the last person before you in the “cue”).

As a rule of thumb always keep a minimum 1 metre distance from people who do not belong to your family or group. There may be lines or areas marked on the floor to help you respect the right distance.

Always wear a mask inside public places and use hand sanitizer, such as in shops, supermarkets, etc.

Always book your table if you want to dine out, specifying the number of people and that you belong to the same family (we will be glad to do this for you if you wish). You’re supposed to wear a mask in bars and restaurants except when you’re seated at your table (that will have been properly distanced).

Credit or debit cards are always the preferred payment method.

Swimming pool

The water in the swimming pool is normally treated with chlorine, this makes it an hostile environment for the covid virus.

Please make sure to only use the loungers and chairs that are marked with the colour of your apartment (Casina dei Tordi – Light Turquoise, Casina dei Cavalli – Red, Casina Nuova – Dark Green) and keep at least 2 metres distance with guests that don’t belong to your group.

Please bring your swimming pool towel and use it on your lounger or garden chair.

The common bathroom by the swimming pool is cleaned and hygienized every day during your stay. In the bathroom you will find some hand hygienizer, hygienizer and paper towels.

Cleaning and apartment check-out

For stays over 1 week we do a weekly cleaning during your stay, you need to be outside the apartment during the cleaning. If you prefer that we don’t do the mid stay cleaning (the Italian law states that you have the right to do this) we will ask you to undo your beds and pack all the laundry in a bag that we will collect when we give you the clean linen and towels.

At check-out we kindly ask you undo your beds and put all the linen in the apartment (including anything that has not been used) in a bag.

If you operate the dishwasher before you leave, please don’t empty it (we wash everything that is in the kitchen between guests, if it’s safe and clean in the dishwasher it’s one less wash we will have to do after you leave).

Please make sure to avoid leaving any food behind (we’ll have to throw away anything that we find in the fridge).