If you enjoy walking in an unspoilt landscape Le Marche is the place you should visit. There are “serious” walks and tracks up in the mountains but in Le Marche walks can be enjoyed even if you just have a couple of hours and you’re not in the best shape.

From the Locanda you can start a 7 km (4,5 miles) loop walk. The walk is on white road, quite easy and not very steep. We usually suggest this to our guests for them to have an idea of the area around the Locanda.
Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to take the walk myself (I never have time to do it during Summer…) and these are some of the photos I took.

Le Marche countryside 2

Le Marche in May

Beautiful light walking in Le Marche

le marche walks 7

Le Marche walks 8

le marche walks 10

le marche walks 11

le Marche walks

le marche walks 12

I hope that you’re enjoying the walk!