There’s two great walks that you can take starting from the Locanda’s gate, I already posted photos of the 7 km (4.5 miles) walk. Last autumn I took the other walk, that is about 14 km (9 miles) long.
Off we go!
This is one of our fields, just near the road above the Locanda

Autumn sorbus domesticaSagrata church from the road with the Montefeltro hills behind it. The church is no longer used for services except during the celebration for the Madonna del Giro.

Le Marche hills AutumnThe scenary is very varied: the next two photos are taken from the same place, looking left and right of the road.

autumn-walk-4In Autumn colours are quite amazing!

autumn colours

autumn colours 2And have a look at this tiny house…. wouldn’t you want to spend a few weeks in this hideaway?

autumn-walk-7Isn’t the contrast beautiful? Red and yellow grapes leaves, the greenest grass, yellowish leaves on the trees and white flowers!