I’ve been willing to take a pottery course for years, since my friend Patricia allowed me to try the amazing pottery-wheel-experience (she’s a friend now, but this happened the very first time we met!).
Urbania ceramics is famous, actually Urbania was known for pottery under a different name, Castel Durante, that was its name until a Pope called Urbano decided to change its name after himself! Anyway, the “ceramica durantina” is well known and in Urbania you can attend courses on pottery: wheel, forming, decoration…. they have courses all year round, including summer courses and they tell me that they are going to organize more (I’ll update here with any information that they give me).

Two weeks ago I started attending a course… the idea of the course is learning different techniques to form objects with clay, but Orazio, the teacher, allowed me to stay on the wheel as long as I need to… and, believe me, it will be a looooong time! Other techniques allow you to make a vase or plate in much shorter time even if reaching perfection is also difficult…

This is Terry working on a vase made with the “lucignolo” technique.

Urbania ceramicsOrazio explaining how to work with “lastre” (sheets)

ceramics lastraMe at the wheel

Urbania ceramics weelWhile we dirt ourselves with clay, nextdoor they paint gracefully ;)

decorating ceramicsnd these are their first masterpieces, with the traditional decors

Urbania ceramics paintedIf you are interested in knowing more on the Urbania ceramics summer courses visit this page or contact me and I will try to help!