I always wanted to write something about this beautiful Italian pottery collection, but I didn’t have good photos so I waited and waited… last weekend I had the possibility to visit Palazzo Ducale in Urbania again and to enjoy the new location of the terracotta pottery collection in the beautiful Torrione coperto.

Terracotta-Urbania-Torrione-CopertoThe collection, donated to the town of Urbania by Ms Maurri Poggi, has about 1000 terracotta pieces from all over Italy (and a few from other countries in Europe), but mostly from Central Italy (Le Marche, Umbria and Tuscany) dating from mid xix century up to mid xx century.
Terracotta-Urbania-Torrione-Coperto-2Unluckily the torrione can’t contain the whole collection, but it’s beautiful and the pieces on show give a good idea of the amazing Italian terracotta production of different shapes (each of them specifically created for a given use, that determins the characteristics of the object), different enamels and techniques.
Pottery-Urbania-Le-Marche-2The pieces from Le Marche come from different areas of the region, some of them from places, like Fratterosa and Montottone, that still maintain their great pottery tradition and their peculiar aspect and colours.

Pottery-Urbania-Le-Marche-Fratterosa Pottery-Urbania-Southern-Le-MarcheMy favourite pieces, from Montottone, in Fermo Province.