From today, until January 31st 2011 in Gubbio Ducal Palace: Renaissance maiolica of Umbria and Le Marche from private collections.


Over 150 Renaissance maiolica pieces coming from some of the most famous private collections in Italy. The exhibition, that includes some specimens that have rarely been displayed, connects towns renowned for their ceramic tradition during the Renaissance: Deruta, Gubbio, Castel Durante (nowadays called Urbania), Urbino and Pesaro.


Gubbio is the connection between these towns and the two regions (Umbria and the Marches) since it now belongs to Umbria but during the Renaissance it was part of the duchy of Urbino. From and artistic point of view it connects the Deruta tradition of the end of the XV century and the “metaurense” tradition (Urbania, Urbino and Pesaro).


Gubbio stands just 45 minutes drive away from the Locanda and it makes a perfect daytrip.
(images from The Metropolitan Museum of Art)