Raphael 2020 is the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the death of Raffaello Sanzio, the most famous son of the town of Urbino in Le Marche, Italy, who died, aged only 37, on April 6th 1520.

The celebrations for this commemoration start in Urbino on October 3rd with an exhibit “Raffaello e gli amici di Urbino” (Raphael and the Urbino friends). Raphael was the son of Giovanni Santi, famous painter from Urbino who was court painter at the court of Federico da Montefeltro. His workshop was a significant influence in the formation of his son and his art and writings had an important role in the artistic culture of his time.

Raphael 2020 Raffaello La Muta Raffaello e gli amici di Urbino

The exhibit shows some works of Raphael that are usually in Urbino along with others that will come from the Hermitage, Palazzo Pitti and the National Gallery in London. Along with these there will be works by Gerolamo Genga, Timoteo Viti and Perugino, all painters contemporary of Raphael and who grew artistically in the same area and breathing the same influences.

Raphael 2020 Raffaello e gli amici di Urbino Perugino

During 2020 Urbino will host more exhibits to celebrate its famous son: one about majolica at the time of Raphael, one about the cartoons that Pope Leo X commissioned to the painter for tapestries for the Sixtine Chapel and one about Raphael and Raffaellino del Colle, one of his more brilliant disciples.

Visit the official page of Galleria Nazionale delle Marche for more information about the celebrations, opening times and prices. Also visit our Facebook page where we will keep you updated about all the events and.

There will be other exhibits celebrating one of the most famous Italian painters of the Renaissance, but of course being in his birthplace in this occasion, has a special meaning. If you decide to visit stay at Locanda della Valle Nuova!