The “Portrait of Young Woman with Unicorn” by Raphael (normally kept at Galleria Borghese in Rome) can be seen at Urbino Palazzo Ducale until October 4th.

Raffaello-Dama-con-LiocornoThe painting was of uncertain attribution for a long time but, Raphael is nowadays considered the author of the work (probably finished around 1506).

The expo somehow prepares Urbino and Raphael’s fans for the big expo to be held in 2009 in Urbino: “Raffaello e Urbino: la formazione di Raffaello e i suoi rapporti con la città natale” (Raphael and Urbino: Raphael’s education and his relationship with his home town). You can read more about the expo here.
So if you like Raphael it’s time to plan a weekend here to discover all the beauties of this area and begin planning your 2009 holidays!