Welcome at La Casina Nuova

Please read the following

The Casina is a no-smoking rental, but you’re welcome to smoke outside (there’s an ashtray).

We do accept credit cards, but we prefer cash payments if it’s not a problem for you.
On departure please vacate the apartment before 10.30

For your comfort during the hottest months we suggest that you keep the windows closed during the day and the mosquito screens always down.
You’ll find towels for the swimming pool in the wardrobe in the corridor (please don’t use your bathroom’s towels).
For the environment’s sake we change your towels and bed linen once a week, for the same reason, please don’t waste water and make sure that the lights and air conditioning are off when leaving the apartment.

Please do not flush anything away that can be satisfactorily thrown into the rubbish bag.

You can throw away your trash just before the bridge in Fermignano direction.

Should you wish to have dinner at the Locanda sometimes please enquire, we serve a 5 course fix menu dinner is served at 8 p.m. (7.30 p.m. from October 1st on) once or twice a week. We need at least a one day notice (2 days is welcome).

Please mind the cats when moving your car in the parking and lanes and do not let them in the apartment.

You can normally find us around the farm during the day (at the main house or at home), if we’re not around please call us or WhatsApp: +39 329 8975940 

Appliances & more

You’re welcome to use the wifi connection. There’s no password, just connect to CAPPELLA 2GHz or CAPPELLA 5GHz
The connection has some problems with bad weather and other “environmental” matters, so we can’t always guarantee a perfect connection.

In the wardrobe in the corridor you’ll find a hair dryer and an iron for your use.

Should you wish to use your own or any other appliances that you bring with you consider that power is 220V/50?AC like in the rest of Europe and unlike the US. You might need plug adapters. You will find a plug adapter (“european” Schuko round plug to Italian standard) in a basket in the shelves under the oven, please contact us if you need a different adapter.
Check your appliances with converter such as laptops and mobile phones (Input: 100-240V?AC is fine) before plugging it in.

Should the electricity go please check the fuses under the porch (exit and open the “door” in the wall at the right of your door or call me (+39 329 8975940).

There is a torch, multiple plugs and an insecticide diffuser in the basket in the shelf under the oven.

The washing machine and dishwasher are pretty “logical” to use, please ask for advice should you have any doubt. There’s a small amount of washing powder provided for both, for you to get started.
Conversion from F to C temperatures is approx as follows:
30º = 86F
40º = 104F
60º = 140F
80º = 176F
95º = 203F

You’ll find a clothes-horse outside.

Please do not wash our linen! If you need clean towels or anything else please inform us.

Please do not leave lit candles unattended (and, please use them only outside)

Please inform us if something is not working properly for us to fix it in the briefest possible time.
Please also tell us if during your stay you would have liked to find something that we missed, it would be of great help for us!

Food and food shopping

At your arrival at your apartment you’ll find some jam, fruit juice, fresh organic eggs, bread and wine (all of this from our farm) and some butter and milk for your first breakfast. We have also left a few basic ingredients and condiments for your arrival: coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil.

If you need small quantities of other ingredients that are not worth you buying (nutmeg, flour…) do ask us.

You also have herbs (that you’re welcome to use) near the pool.

We will be pleased to offer you vegetables from the kitchen garden if available.

In the kitchen you’ll find a coffee maker and an italian coffee pot (the Italian coffee pot has to be washed by hand and can’t be put in the dishwasher, thank you). We do not normally use paper filters in the coffee maker as we prefer to go green and to simply wash the plastic filter and wash it after use, nevertheless we do have some should you really prefer to use them.

You can drink the water from the tap.
The approx temperatures conversions for the oven are:
170º = 338 F
180º = 356 F
200º = 392 F
240º = 464 F

In Fermignano you’ll find a CONAD supermarket (follow the Urbino directions and you’ll find it on your left along the ring-road, opens Mon to Sat from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m approx) and a GALA supermarket.
The CONAD has a wider choice and sells quite a lot of organic packaged products (pastas, oil, milk, a small choice of fruit and vegetables, etc.).

The butcher near Farmacia Fusconi sells our beef (or other local and/or organic beef if we can’t supply it), you’ll also find there nice local salamis and wonderful local organic cheeses and ricotta from a local producer.

Bread in this area contains no salt, at CONAD and Gala you will find a good choice of “salted” breads, but do make sure to read the ingredients if you want to make sure that salt is included or ask for “pane salato”.

A good place to buy organic products (if you can’t find what you look for at CONAD) is Naturacrè in Fermignano in via Vittorio Veneto 36, a few minutes away from the main square.

Off Piazza della Repubblica in Urbino you will find Galleria AE, a shop selling organic products directly from the producers (they also serve salamis and cheeses and aperitivi).

In via Bramante in Urbino you’ll find Raffaello Degusteria, a nice shop that stocks typical Le Marche products: cheeses, salamis, oils, pastas, etc. Great knowledge of the local food and wine!

Food shops normally open 8-1 and 4,30-8 approx, close on Tuesday afternoon in Fermignano and the butcher on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. CONAD opens 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday mornings.

Our favourite gelato in Fermignano is at Chicchi di Zucchero.


Cappuccino e cornetto is the typical Italian breakfast, if you want to join the locals our favorite spots for breakfast in Fermignano are Dark Side (just off the main square) and Chicchi di Zucchero.
In Urbania you’ll find our favorite cornetto and sweet and savoury items in the area at Caffé del Teatro (also has tables in the square and a private terrace).

Eating out

If you would like to eat out (most of the places are small and calling ahead is usually a good idea, come to the main house if you prefer that I call them for you).
They are all correctly located on Google Maps, but if you need directions please tell me!

Our very favourites, for different reasons, have a *

Within 5/10 minutes drive

* Trattosteria: in Fermignano. Simple and very yummy mix of southern Italian and local cooking. Good ingredients cooked with a great touch. Wide choice of very good and reasonably priced wines and some excellent beers. Excellent desserts and very good vegetarian options (or gorgeous tagliata steak). Very helpful owners.

Telephone 349 3268263 (closed Mondays, book ahead only on Sundays)
We specially like it because the food is so good and the owners really like what they do.

* Ca’ Maddalena 3 km down the road towards Fermignano, turn right at the Ca’ Maddalena signpost (difficult, but not impossible, to see coming from Valle Nuova) white road for 2.5 km, signposted. They raise their own organic cattle and pigs and cook good local dishes. Very popular with locals. Specially nice appetizers and grilled meats including fiorentina and mixed pork goodies.
Telephone 0722 332510
We specially like it because it’s an Agriturismo just the way it’s supposed to be.

* Ristorante Bramante in Fermignano: newish discovery: two very active guys with great enthousiasm and ability offer local/revisited dishes in a very nice place. Pity there’s no outside dining area.
Telephone: 327 1971960
We specially like it because they mix tradition and innovation in a very special way.

*Laboratorio Confine in Fermignano. Gastronomia and bread makers, a teeny shop that sells take out dishes, breads and sweet delicacies. During the Summer they usually have some tables outside to enjoy the daily menu on site.

Follow them on social media @laboratorioconfine https://facebook.com/laboratorioconfine for the daily menu and opening times.

15/20 minutes drive

* Da Doddo in Urbania: once a smoke-filled and noisy osteria, now a brilliant restaurant that conjugates friendly and traditional athmosphere and very good cooking. Home made pasta, traditional second courses and appetizers with a modern touch. Just plainly good. They also sometimes serve typical peasants’ breakfasts.
Closed on Sunday nights Telephone 0722 319411
We specially like it because it’s good :)

* Antica Osteria da la Stella in Urbino: upscale but not stiff restaurant with great use of ingredients in traditional and not so traditional recipes. The perfect place for that special celebration.
Closed on Mondays Telephone 0722 320228
We specially like it because it serves delicious food in an elegant setting but at it’s very authentic.

* Il Girarrosto in Urbino: outside tables in one of the quaintest squares of the centre, real traditional local dishes including one of the best Crescia sfogliata in town (the local flatbread, stay away if you are vegetarian!).
Telephone 0722 4445
We specially like it because of the location and the traditional flavours.

*Osteria Zanchetti in Fossombrone: the ingredients all come from nearby producers and are chosen with the maximum care and every detail in this place is managed with the utmost attention. Gourmet dining experience in an elegant but easy and friendly athmosphere, and, oh! that patio!
Telephone  349 312 2567
We specially like it because it comes from a great passion and it shows!

Tanto piacere in Urbino: a wine bar that serves food rather than a restaurant, but their local salamis and cheeses and salads can make a great light lunch.

Ragno d’oro in Urbino: it’s an unremarkable restaurant that, during the Summer, serves the best Crescia sfogliata (stay away if you are vegetarian!) in the outside kiosk at dinner time. It’s filled with anything from sausages to gratin vegetables, prosciutto and cheeses and is eaten like a (very big) sandwich.

A bit further away

Trattoria La Quinta in Fano: fancy fish? This is a reasonably priced and good restaurant. It can be too crowded in very high season and ask us if fresh fish is available (there’s a fishing stop season during Summer). At the end of the meal try the Moretta, the typical Fano boozy coffee.
Telephone 0721 808043

Ristorante al Giardino in Mondavio: in a garden/terrace facing the (some km away) sea. A great sea breeze usually blows and, along with the shade of a huge cedar tree, it makes the place specially nice in hot days. Simple cooking (with some Italian classics and a few local dishes) and good ice-creams (try the affogato: ice-cream, bitter coffee and cream.. it’s big, it can make a light lunch.)
Telephone 0721 977175

Taverna della Rocca in Frontone (Castello): biggish restaurant from the conversion of the Castle’s stables, there are long tables that you migh be asked to share (I personally avoid this otherwise very nice place on Sunday lunchtime). Crescia (flatbread), salamis and cheeses antipasto, some first course choices (tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi) with choice of traditional sauces (duck, mashrooms, etc.). Mixed roasted meats cooked at the fireplace. Instead of ordering an unremarkable dessert have a gelato at the nearby Gelateria.
Telephone 0721 786218 (closed Wednesdays)

Ristorante Amabile in Frontone (Castello): tiny restaurant with good simple local cooking but a bit depressing dining area, there’s a few tables outside and if you can sit there it’s quite nice. Skip the dessert and head towards the nearby Gelateria.
Telephone 0721 790710

Markets and Shopping

Market days in the area are as follows:

– Monday: Fossombrone
– Tuesday: Pesaro
– Wednesday: Cagli
– Thursday: Urbania, Acqualagna
– Friday: Fermignano
– Saturday: Urbino

In the area there’s a wide production of pottery and ceramics: the towns that are best known for it are Urbania (majolica), Fratte Rosa (pottery), and Gubbio (majolica).
If you’re looking for fancy shops go to Pesaro, via Branca is the main road and there are many nice shops.

Places to visit

We left some leaflets of nearby things to see the Blue Guide to Le Marche, we have some more guidebooks in the main house that you’re welcome to use.
If you haven’t already done so you can see some suggested itineraries at https://vallenuova.it/things-to-do/itineraries/

We’ll be glad to give you advice on what to see should you need it, you are always welcome to drop us a Whatsapp or e-mail or call.

Reviews are very important to us

we specially welcome reviews on Google and our Facebook page

but of course your favorite website will do!