Valle Nuova

Elderflower foraging walk

Why collect elderflower in your back garden if you can take a gorgeous 2 km elderflower foraging walk around the farm?

There’s a big elder outside Casina Nuova, but this morning I wanted to take a walk so I decided to walk around the Western borders of the farm and pick elderflowers from the smaller […]

Marche Owners Direct

Locanda della Valle Nuova is a family business, we opened our home to guests years ago to share our philosophy about a sustainable life and to offer a personal service to our guests. We like to communicate with guests and we know that information is never too much. This is why we have a […]

Agriturismo Country house and B&B accommodation in Italy

Valle Nuova is an Agriturismo, guests often ask me what “Agriturismo” means. This is a short attempt to help international travelers willing to find their way in the mysterious world of three kinds of accommodation facilities that are very popular in Italy: Agriturismo, Country House and Bed and Breakfast (B&B). The main characteristic that […]

Photo of the day: Antipasto

A typical early summer antipasto at Valle Nuova, this one is perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.
Frittata con le vitalbe (foraged Clematis Vitalba. Old man’s beard or Traveller’s joy), local organic pecorino cheese, home made sweet and sour pickled cucumbers and quince jam, home made cured black olives.

WARNING FOR FORAGERS: If you have never collected Traveller’s […]

Photo of the day: foraging and wild flowers

Today we spent some time collecting herbs for decoration and foraging: oats and another wild herb for drying, wild flowers, new olive branches for liqueur and vitalbe (young shoots of Old man’s beard or Traveller’s joy) for delicious omelettes.

The best Marche vacation rental: WIP

The Casina Nuova apartment will surely be the best Le Marche vacation rental!
It features a gorgeous cool porch to enjoy your meals outside, the position is amazing, very quiet and immersed in the beautiful Le Marche countryside.
The main colour in the apartment will be green, as you can see we’re making the courtains and […]

Photo of the day: grapes in May

Don’t know how they survived the hail but here’s our grapes!

A new apartment: La Casina Nuova

We’re delighted to announce that we’re soon going to offer a new apartment for your stay in Le Marche!
The Casina Nuova apartment is my old apartment and we are currently renewing it for guests. It stands in the same building as Casina dei Tordi, 500 metres away from the main house and the swimming […]

VALLE NUOVA – carbon neutral holiday home & organic farm

Valle Nuova is a green carbon neutral holiday home and organic farm.
We have 166Kw of photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of our cowshed, barn and stables (or we will shortly have them again after the snow crashed some of them last February). In 1 year our solar panels produced 184000 Kwh of electricity, […]


In my opinion one of the pleasures of living in the countryside is getting in touch with nature in many different ways.

I love having the possibility of meeting the little creatures that inhabit our world without us realizing. Today, driving along a white road by the farm, I saw a blackbird in the middle […]