Mani che intrecciano: weaving event in Urbino

Last weekend Salice Vivo (a very active association, based in Urbino, devoted to the study and development of basket weaving and all weaving arts) organized a beautiful event in Piazza San Francesco in Urbino with basket weavers (and other weaving artisans) from all over Italy (and Catalunya).

The beautiful square was liven up by the display […]

Torricini in Urbino being “unwrapped”

The Torricini, the famous towers of the Ducal Palace façade in Urbino, have been under restoration for over two years. They will soon be ready to be seen again, the “unwrapping” began and in Urbino everybody is excited.
The 550 years old Urbino Torricini, designed by the Architect Luciano Laurana between 1467 and 1472, were […]

Raphael La Muta is back in Urbino

Raphael La Muta portrait is back home in Urbino. The Portrait of a young woman, normally known as La Muta, has been recently restored by Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence after a trip to Japan (a Japanese tv network financed part of the restoration).
It will be displayed in the Ducal Palace Sala dei […]

Photo of the day: Duomo in Urbino bricks at sunset


La Città Ideale – The Ideal City

From April 6th to July 8th 2012 the Ducal Palace in Urbino will host The Ideal City – Renaissance Utopia in Urbino between Piero della Francesca and Raphael.

The painted panel of La Città Ideale The Ideal City in the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche is one of the most fascinating enigmas of the Italian Renaissance. We […]

XLII Festival di Musica Antica 2010

This year’s Festival di Musica Antica (Early Music Festival) will be held in Urbino between July 19th and July 28th.
The programmes for classes and concerts are not out yet, but I trust that it will be as great as ever!
Just a tiny video of one of the groups that participated last year.
From Urbino, Ensamble […]

Urbino Physics Laboratory & Museum of Scientific Instruments

In Italy we have too much art, architecture and museums… You may wonder how these things can be TOO MUCH, easy: we do not have enough resources to have them all open and available for people to see and/or we do not have enough interest in things that are considered “minor” only because of […]

Urbino Ducal Palace

Sometimes friends visit me here, I’m most grateful since they also give me the opportunity of re-visiting places and seeing them with “new eyes”. During the last month I’ve been very lucky and some very good friend visited me: here’s a small choice of photos of the Urbino Ducal Palace taken during their visits.

Urbino Raffaello degusteria: typical le Marche food

Are you in Northern Le Marche and you’re looking for gorgeous Marche food?
You have different options: one is staying at the Locanda and enjoying our home grown and home made goodies and the yummy things we buy from local organc producers such as an amazing orange-peel flavoured pancetta, pecorino di fossa and the best […]

Raphael and Urbino: the exhibit

The exhibition Raphael and Urbino: formative years and ties with his home town will open on April 4th. Now the official page has an English version!

Urbino was more than just Raphael’s city of birth; it had a profound influence on his development as an artist and remained an essential reference point for him throughout […]