Peperoncini ripieni (stuffed peppers)

Here goes my family recipe of these traditional Piemontese delicacies.

For about 50 tiny round peppers (can be hot or semisweet, as you prefer)

Half a litre of white or apple vinegar
Half a litre of white wine
1 1/2 tsp of salt

About 200 gr of good canned tuna
80 gr of very good quality anchovies
50 capers
Good Extra […]

Before and after: zabaione recipe

Fresh organic free-range egg yolks from our hens.

Now on with the easiest zabaione recipe! Beat with 1 tbsp of sugar for every yolk, mix with a half egg-shell of Marsala or Vin Santo or your favourite Passito, cook the mix at bain-marie wisking constantly until the lines that your wisk marks stay for a […]

Mascarpone cream: tiramisu or not?

Tiramisu is, in spite of its quite short history, definitely a classic Italian dessert and, like most classics of Italian cuisine, there are probably as many tiramisu recipes as families in Italy!
Liqueur or no liqueur? Cream or mascarpone only? Sugar in the coffee or not? Cooked cream or (very very fresh) raw eggs? Egg […]

“White” Porcini mushroom lasagna

It’s about 4 p.m. approx and I just finished eating my mushroom lasagna… No, I’m not having lasagne instead of bisquits with tea, I’m just getting ready for my forthcoming trip to Madrid by adapting to Spanish eating times! :)
I just wanted to share a super easy recipe and some pics of it, it’s […]