Photo of the day: bitesize pickled sweet peppers

Photo of the day: Visciole (with recipe)

Visciole are a wild variety of sour cherries that grow here in Northern Le Marche. They are becoming quite rare since, even in this region, where agriculture is still quite traditional, farmers tend to cut every wild plant to leave space for the cultivated varieties. Nevertheless we have quite a few visciole trees at […]

Photo of the day: Peperoncini ripieni

This is just a small portion of the peperoncini (small peppers) that we filled today.. inside there’s tuna, anchovies and capers (recipe soon).

Before and after: sour cherries

Tonns of sour cherries this year!

We made jelly, put them in syrup, preserved with sugar in the sun, ate and we even made juice!

Beautiful colour and even better taste!

Photo of the day: homemade liqueurs anyone?

In the store-room trying to arrange all the homemade liqueurs.
Un assaggio?

Photo of the day: strawberries!

The first batch of strawberries from our organic kitchen garden has been collected today, it’s about 3 kg and we will start making jam (one of my favourites along with gooseberry and raspberry) and a gorgeous syrup to serve with home-made gelato. …when the second batch comes we’ll have to think of new strawberry-goods, […]

Everything elderflower 1: Elderflower jelly

I love elderflower!
I love it in cakes (just add a fistful of dried flowers to your favourite plain cake batter).

I love elderflower cordial during summer with fizzy water.

I love elderflower with white wine for a different aperitivo or dessert wine.

I love elderflower jelly and elderflower liqueur.

First of all you have to collect the elderflowers, […]

Peppers anyone?

This year peppers have been growing, and growing and growing… so we’ve been eating, stuffing, frying, making peperonata and preserving.
These are some of our peppers preserves.

From the left: sweet green chiles in vinegar, peperoni sottolio, tiny peppers stuffed with tuna, anchovy and capers, pepper spread and (in the back) sweet and sour sweet green […]

Home made “prosciutto cotto”

I promised that I would post recipes of my preserves soon…
today I was looking for recipes to post and I came across a recipe for “coppa di testa” (headcheese)… in spite of the weird name it’s a really yummy terrine-like cold cut, but preparing it is really timeconsuming and I think that it would […]


When it’s snowing and deadly cold there’s not much you can do in the countryside… one of the nicest things is chatting with friends, both “live” or through skype, facebook, etc.
This evening I was chatting with my friend Letizia, from Agriturismo alla Madonna del Piatto in Assisi, who keeps a beautiful blog mainly devoted […]