Valle Nuova through an unknown guest’s eyes

I have a perfect memory of the guest who left me this amazing photo of our swimming pool at sunset, I suspect that he stayed two years ago in September (because September sunsets are THE BEST), but, I’m totally, absolutely, completely sorry to say that I don’t remember his name….
I found the photo today, […]

Valle Nuova through your eyes: Chris Harden

Thank you Chris and Julia for your photos taken during your visits in June and October this year!We hope to see you again soon!


When I received these photos I did not know that he’s a professional photographer and documentary maker and I felt so frustrated for my poor photographs!

You can read about him and see more of his photos on his website and his blog.

©Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones

Valle Nuova through your eyes: Silke vF

Here’s another interesting point of view about Valle Nuova from a guest who just left and was kind enough to send very nice shots that she took during her stay here.
Photos by Silke vF, Bollschweil, Germany. Thank you very much!

Anyone who would like me to publish his/her photos, please drop me an e-mail!

Valle Nuova through your eyes: Laura

During Easter holidays some friends from Spain came stay at my place. We walked and chatted, ate and drank, played cards and “mended the world” a few times talking over and over again about this and that.
We also took quite a few photos, specially Laura, she always had her super camera with her and […]

Vet photography

Our vet is an artist. He’s an artist because of the human and caring way he takes care of our big and small animals, but he’s also an artist because of the great photos he takes. Those of you who stayed with us in 2007 enjoyed his photos as part of the decoration of […]