2011 kittens

Almost one month ago we sadly discovered that one of the farm cats had an accident and she had left 4 kittens all alone in the cow-shed.
When I tried to catch them I got lots of hissing and a bleeding scratch on my cheek, but they soon understood that I was not so bad […]

Photo of the day: kittens!

Kitty change

One of the kittens from last season’s litters has an umbilical hernia, her belly button isn’t closed yet (it doesn’t until kittens are 6 months old) and, since she’s a fatty, she has a little puff (walnut size) sticking out of her belly button. This is not a serious condition but she may need […]

A new litter

This is the first photo of the new litter, born last night.

The kittens are growing

They are growing fast!

Chicca is always suspicious when a kitten approaches…

Kittens LOVE Chicca…

… she makes a warm and cozy bed…

… but Chicca prefers it when the kittens choose a different mattress…

2007 kittens

Here’s the latest litter at the Locanda!
Aren’t they just beautiful???

Isn’t this last one the cutest thing you’ve seen in your life????

Feeding kittens

Today’s news about the kitten.
We couldn’t find the place where the mother cat put the other kittens so we are feeding the baby kitty, but when she comes to eat she feeds the kitten and licks and cleans it a bit if I stay there with them and scratch her… so this was the […]

Cats can’t count up to 4

The mommy cat has moved the kittens this morning, but, she can’t count up to 4… so she left one behind…
She has come back to the house this afternoon to eat and she has given milk to the lost kitten and has licked it a bit, but then she left leaving the kitten where […]

Beautiful September

September began… well, it was almost one week ago but the season doesn’t seem to be ending… Guests keep arriving and the weather is just gorgeous! Sun, breeze and it refreshes at night: perfect weather even for swimming in the pool and sunbathing (as you can see here).

There’s a lot of news at the […]

Little ones growing

The countryside changes and the puppies and kitties also grow up!
Here’s some new photos for those who saw them when they were tiny and for those who never saw them but would like to!

Aren’t they just gorgeous???

Try to count the heads, the ears, the …. yes, you’re right! There are 4 kittens…. and there […]