Everyday use pottery: Maurri-Poggi terracotta collection

I always wanted to write something about this beautiful Italian pottery collection, but I didn’t have good photos so I waited and waited… last weekend I had the possibility to visit Palazzo Ducale in Urbania again and to enjoy the new location of the terracotta pottery collection in the beautiful Torrione coperto.
The collection, donated […]

Urbino Physics Laboratory & Museum of Scientific Instruments

In Italy we have too much art, architecture and museums… You may wonder how these things can be TOO MUCH, easy: we do not have enough resources to have them all open and available for people to see and/or we do not have enough interest in things that are considered “minor” only because of […]

Ornatissimo Codice – Federico da Montefeltro Library

I visited the Ornatissimo Codice exhibit (in Urbino Ducal Palace until July 27th 2008, read the previous post for more info), the books are really impressive but, of course, I could not take photos…
What I could photograph is the permanent new multimedia exhibit of the Federico da Montefeltro Library. When you enter the Ducal […]