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Monte Cucco & Fonte Avellana Umbria & Le Marche border

A few days ago I had the opportunity of visiting again a beautiful area very close to Valle Nuova even if in nearby Umbria: the Monte Cucco Park.

Within the park can be found three religious buildings (Abbazia di Sant’Emiliano in Congiuntoli, Abbazia di Sitria and Eremo di San Girolamo) that, along with Fonte Avellana, […]

Fonte Avellana Monastery

Fonte Avellana Monastery is a Roman Catholic hermitage founded at the end of the X century that stands about 30 km south of the Locanda, near the Umbrian border. It was once presided over by Saint Peter Damian, and it was described by Dante in the Divine Comedy

«Tra ‘ due liti d’Italia surgon sassi,
e […]

San Vincenzo al Furlo

Near Furlo Gorge stands the beautiful Romanesque church of San Vincenzo al Furlo.

The crypt contains a IX-X century altar

And there are beautiful frescos