Torricini in Urbino being “unwrapped”

The Torricini, the famous towers of the Ducal Palace façade in Urbino, have been under restoration for over two years. They will soon be ready to be seen again, the “unwrapping” began and in Urbino everybody is excited.
The 550 years old Urbino Torricini, designed by the Architect Luciano Laurana between 1467 and 1472, were […]

FORAGING: wild asparagus

As you may know by now if you have been reading this blog, foraging is very popular in Le Marche region of Italy.
At Valle Nuova we collect all sorts of wild herbs, flowers, berries, sprouts and, last but surely not least, the amazing white truffle. One of the most popular plants that is easy […]

Marche Owners Direct

Locanda della Valle Nuova is a family business, we opened our home to guests years ago to share our philosophy about a sustainable life and to offer a personal service to our guests. We like to communicate with guests and we know that information is never too much. This is why we have a […]

Photo of the day: window in Torricella

Cute window in the teensy walled village of Torricella, near Fossombrone, my latest discovery

Photo of the day: Duomo in Urbino bricks at sunset


Photo of the day: punta e cul

Punta e cul is a typical Easter game in Urbania in Northern Le Marche. People gather in the main square in front of the theatre on Easter morning and Ester Monday morning. You’re given an egg and you have to smash your neighbour’s egg and take home all the eggs that you can break […]

FORAGING: vitalbe… “traveller’s joy” in a plate

Vitalbe (clematis vitalba, traveller’s joy, old man’s beard) are one of the many plants that we forage here in Northern Le Marche. When you think of a clematis you probably visualize a cascade of big elegant flowers, not an omelette…

Traveller’s joy is not as gifted as its cousins and only features small whiteish strudy flowers […]

Never use Wellies in the mud…

Some months ago I received an unusual e-mail from a journalist telling me that she had to write something for a US magazine called Modern Farmer about farmers’ favourite tools to help in the mud (yes… you read correctly :) ).We had a long and fun e-mail and phone calls exchange and this is […]

Everyday use pottery: Maurri-Poggi terracotta collection

I always wanted to write something about this beautiful Italian pottery collection, but I didn’t have good photos so I waited and waited… last weekend I had the possibility to visit Palazzo Ducale in Urbania again and to enjoy the new location of the terracotta pottery collection in the beautiful Torrione coperto.
The collection, donated […]

Crescia di Pasqua: Le Marche savoury Easter bread

Crescia di Pasqua, Pizza di Paqua, Crescia Brusca, Torta al Formaggio, Crescia al formaggio, Crescia Ricresciuta, Caciata… different names for similar Panettone-shaped Easter breads prepared in Le Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo and Lazio (basically throughout Central Italy except Tuscany, as far as I know).

Here in Northern Le Marche (where it’s called Crescia di Pasqua) the […]