Photo of the day: a truly amazing sunset

N.B. this is not photoshopped… it really looked like this afternoon at sunset from my terrace

Photo of the day: Almost night

September is here!

The temperatures are unusually high, we haven’t had any rain for over 40 days, September is being quite unusual this year… but luckily, as we do every year in September, we are enjoying the best sunsets!

Photo of the day: Chicca on Monte Catria


Photo of the day: October landscape

October landscape around the Locanda: the fields are ploughed and the colours of the leaves have started changing.
Our house is the pink one at the bottom and you can see this view taking one of our recommended walks starting on our doorstep.

Photo of the day: September landscape

Photo of the day: perfect sunset

Photo of the day: le Marche hills

Today has been a gorgeous day: the sky was blue with only the right number of clouds, the temperature was perfect for walking, I had some free time and some good friends to share it with: enjoying Le Marche hills

Photo of the day: relax by the panoramic pool

The horrible heat has gone, the flowers are in bloom, the honeysuckle still spreads its wonderful perfume in the air, the figs are ripe, the cows are out in the pasture and can be seen in the distance. Today no sightseeing: just relax by the panoramic pool!

Piero della Francesca: the invisible landscape

People often think that the great painters of the Renaissance like Piero della Francesca, Michelangelo and Raphael created imaginary landscapes.
Nowadays some of those landscapes have been found: they were hidden within the Montefeltro hills!

The theory in this video is that those landscapes can be found nowadays, my point of view is that probably they did […]