Valle Nuova through an unknown guest’s eyes

I have a perfect memory of the guest who left me this amazing photo of our swimming pool at sunset, I suspect that he stayed two years ago in September (because September sunsets are THE BEST), but, I’m totally, absolutely, completely sorry to say that I don’t remember his name….
I found the photo today, […]

Valle Nuova through your eyes: Chris Harden

Thank you Chris and Julia for your photos taken during your visits in June and October this year!We hope to see you again soon!


When I received these photos I did not know that he’s a professional photographer and documentary maker and I felt so frustrated for my poor photographs!

You can read about him and see more of his photos on his website and his blog.

©Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones

Say “cheese”…

This week we haven’t had many guests, the season is being slower than usual (even if not nearly as bad as I expected and much better than I hear from other people), but somehow we manage to be as busy as we are on a busier season… mistery!

During the last week we had two […]

I’m grateful (warning: this post is only partially serious!)

Today is a cloudy and grey day, it’s cold and windy outside and the only thing I would really love to do is cuddling up like one of my cats and let the day pass, it’s not a bad day, it’s just that I’ve had better days.
… but I’m grateful… Thank you Gloria, Letizia, […]