A great spotted woodpecker in my bathroom

I came back home in the early afternoon yesterday after a fun morning with friends.
After a while I started hearing strange noises coming from my studio (the studio is a room, with attached bathroom, that is separated from my corridor by a 2 metres high bookshelf and a door). I thought that one of […]

Photo of the day: mantis

Beautiful mantis this morning in the geraniums by the pool.

Photo of the day: a new guest at the Locanda

Found it this morning on the terrace, it was all tied up with a plastic thread and some of the feathers are badly broken or bent, but it’s eating well and it’s quite lively….


Last night I was trying to close the door without having the kittens inside the house when I heard a crushy noise from the little slope in front of the house. This was what I saw when I went closer!

Hedgehogs are my very favourite wild animals, they are not shy as one can imagine […]