Elderflower foraging walk

Why collect elderflower in your back garden if you can take a gorgeous 2 km elderflower foraging walk around the farm?

There’s a big elder outside Casina Nuova, but this morning I wanted to take a walk so I decided to walk around the Western borders of the farm and pick elderflowers from the smaller […]

Foraging for simplicity

Last Summer one of the students of the Urbino Project (a program  for student journalists from around the world to develop multimedia journalism stories to document the people and places of Urbino and the Marche Region of Italy) came to Valle Nuova, this is the article that she wrote.
And here’s a great article by another […]

Photo of the day: grapes in May

Don’t know how they survived the hail but here’s our grapes!

Photo of the day: PUMPKINS!!!

What can you do when, arriving at home after a long day, you find a wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins?
I guess that start thinking about how to wash and store them and look for recipes! :)

Photo of the day: Marchigiana cows at Valle Nuova

Our organic Marchigiana cows happily roaming in the fields below the Locanda.

The Marchigiana breed, along with the Romagnola and the Chianina, is one of the typical Central Italian breeds of cows. Traditionally they were used mainly for working, so they are strong, tall and robust animals. As you can see the calves are born […]

Photo of the day: cherry blossoms


Peperoncini ripieni (stuffed peppers)

Here goes my family recipe of these traditional Piemontese delicacies.

For about 50 tiny round peppers (can be hot or semisweet, as you prefer)

Half a litre of white or apple vinegar
Half a litre of white wine
1 1/2 tsp of salt

About 200 gr of good canned tuna
80 gr of very good quality anchovies
50 capers
Good Extra […]

Photo of the day: strawberries!

The first batch of strawberries from our organic kitchen garden has been collected today, it’s about 3 kg and we will start making jam (one of my favourites along with gooseberry and raspberry) and a gorgeous syrup to serve with home-made gelato. …when the second batch comes we’ll have to think of new strawberry-goods, […]

Calving: the biggest calf ever

I rarely talk about my cattle here, but today I started the day helping a cow calving and a massive, enormous, gorgeous calf was born, so they deserve an entry of their own!
The calf is really huge, it took 3 of us pulling like crazy while my neighbour Giovanni supervised and directed.
When a cow […]